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Performance Engagements

IMBA’s dance company has performed at many of California’s fairs and festivals including California State Fair in Sacramento, El Dorado County Fair, Glenne County Fair, Galt Fair, Dixon May Fair, Santa Rosa County Fair, and Festival de la Familia, and has performed for major artists such as Mariachi Vargas, Pablo Montero, Nydia Rojas, and Geraldo...
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As talented students emerged, IMBA incorporated a professional Mexican folk dance company, known as Compañía Mazatlán de Bellas Artes. Soon after, IMBA’s dance company became one of Northern California’s foremost Mexican folklore ensembles in the region. As the dance company evolved and created unique works of dance, the company became renowned as Ballet Folklorico de...
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IMBA School

IMBA school of dance has programs at all levels of instruction in Mexican Folkloric Ballet, Traditional Classic Ballet, and in Music, both instruments and voice. IMBA has grown into an Arts Center in the heart of Oak Park where its newly renovated 6000 square foot studio, purchased in 2011, hosts over 100 students in eight...
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New Productions and state wide Presentations

The company continues to do statewide presentations of its original and new productions; El Pájaro Azul, México y Sus Alrededores (Mexico and Its Surroundings), Costumbres Latinoamericanas (Latin American Customs), which highlights the musical and dancing diversity in Latin American, and its Christmas production Diciembre Navideño.